NEW FORM3D® Directional Sculpting System 

A new and unique salon service that creates root lift & volume/re-directs root movement/forms & sculpts style/relax or straightens hair - and lasts 4-6 weeks 

The price?... £7.45 (ex. VAT) - 1 box = 3 treatments

What is FORM3D and how can it help my clients and business?

FORM3D allows you to offer a brand new service to your clients. It’s a world first!

Explain to your clients that it is a Sculpting system which re works hair movement and keeps shape in place for up to 6 weeks. They will love it and come back time after time for a salon service taking a little longer than their regular blow dry.

Is it a perm?

No to call it a perm would be misleading as FORM3D is very different both in design and application to a traditional perm. With FORM3D the hair is gently "softened" with the sculpting cream and moulded with fingers. Unlike a traditional perm no rods are required. The sculpting fix is also different to a traditional neutraliser as it is not rinsed from the hair but used as a styling lotion for instant results.


In the box I have 2 products – a cream in a tube & a fix in a bottle. What are these for?

The Cream is for moulding & shaping the hair. The fix is applied after rinsing out the cream & is blow-dried straight into the hair to fix the style.


What is PQ-68?

A special resin in the fix which gives FORM3D its unique ability to work. (It ensures the elasticity, volume and newly created movement is retained).


I notice on the ingredients listing that Bamboo is also in FORM3D – what is the benefit of this?

Bamboo acts as an antioxidant and strengther


After 6 weeks, can FORM3D be reapplied?

Yes – like conventional chemical services, it can be applied every 6 weeks to the root area only ensuring no overlap.


What sort of hair can I use it on?

There are 2 variants available one for Normal hair and one for Coloured hair


What sort of shampoo should I recommend for home use?

A low pH sulphate free cleanser like Kitoko or Colour Care would be ideal. The best conditioners are

always water soluble and paraben and wax free.

Do you recommend Form 3D for bleached hair?

No there is no strength available presently. However if the hair is highlighted with 3% and in good condition, this is acceptable.


My client has afro type hair – can FORM3D be applied

Afro hair is fragile; therefore select the coloured option of FORM3D if working on delicate hair.


My hair is in good condition and I wish to colour on the same day is this possible?

Yes but colour first then use Form 3 d as the hair cannot be shampooed for 48 hours after a FORM3D application


Can I use Eraser on the same day as FORM3D?

Only if Affinage Eraser is used first as the hair should not be shampooed for 48 hours after a Form 3D application.


Can the Sculpting Cream be applied without the Fix?

No the Cream gently softens the cuticle and allows the shape to be created. The Fix is important as it fixes the shape for up to 6 weeks. The PQ-68 enables this.


Does FORM3D require curlers, shapers or rods?

No absolutely not – simply apply the cream with a brush & create the shape by placing and forming the hair into position with your fingers.


Can FORM3D be used for root lift?

Yes – root lift, volume, texture & sculpting


Can FORM3D be used to straighten hair?

Yes – gentle relaxing or straightening lasting up to 6 weeks can be achieved.


What effect would washing the hair regularly have on how long the style will last?

The style will hold even if you wash the hair regularly. It is not washed out.


The Models both have short hair and look amazing, however please advise if Form 3D can be used on longer hair?

YES if root lift is desired. It is effective on shorter hair as it has less weight.