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Soft Ring (Micro rings) and Tape Application  

This one-day course in Fashion Fusion will teach you Extension application using Soft Rings (micro ring) and tape.  (This method is known as cold fusion.)  You will learn colour and volume panels using Fill-In extensions with Soft Rings and Colourflash.  These partial application techniques are perfect for solving client problems where they need extra colour and extra help with their overall style.  It's also perfect for those clients who want more hair, longer hair or big hair! 
Level 2 in Hairdressing is required to attend this course.

Price: £250.95 + VAT (price includes training kit) 
or £285.90 + VAT (price includes training kit plus tuition head)

Dates Available at Basildon: 
Dates Available at Enfield:

 Colour and Design (Wax Bonded) Course

This one day course is an introduction to hair extensions. It will teach you how to put in Balmain Hair Extensions which are 100% real hair. You will spend the day working on tuition heads, learning how to create trendy up to date styles using the latest Balmain hair extensions. 

Level 2 in Hairdressing is required to attend this course.

Price: £261.05 + VAT (price includes training kit)

or £296 + VAT (price includes training kit and tuition head)

Dates Available at Basildon:
Monday 16th April 18


Balmain double hair strips enable you to do full length hair extensions in about 35 minutes, they are reusable and 100% human hair. To do this one day training course you must have previous experience in wax bonded hair extensions or have done the first Balmain Colour and Design training day. Balmain recommends that you have a level 2 in hairdressing.

Prices: from £181.05 + VAT

Dates Available: TBA